Tahun Ni Kita Raya with Savings up to RM530

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It's FIRST TIME FoodAdvisor App is launching Tahun Ni Kita Raya Campaign in conjunction of the festive season this year. It's FIRST TIME!! 

The theme for Ramadan & Raya campaign this year, Tahun Ni Kita Raya is to celebrate after 2 years long lockdown, that most of us were away from our family. So, let's celebrate. It is a season of celebration, family, and togetherness

Rankings of all participants as visible on our listings are solely voted by you, our beloved readers. With that said, we would encourage you to please vote for your preferred participants in order to ensure their rightful positions ranking-wise on our portal. Thank you!

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    Tahun Ni Kita Raya with Savings up to RM530

    What's included in the bundle? Yes, BUFFET! We have pulled through list of merchants for Tahun Ni Kita Raya bundle deal. Up to 15 hotel and restaurant offering deals for ultimate feast during Ramadan month.