If you're in the search of a healthy and guilt free treat, Yzen Frozen Yogurt is the place you're looking for! Serving all naturally made yogurt or you might better know it as froyo, Yzen is here to break the stereotype of desserts being all fattening and unhealthy.

What started as a love for ice cream yet being stuck in a series of self reproach for being unhealthy turned to an innovation such as froyo! Yzen came out of that gap when yogurt was just kicking off as an replacement for ice cream in response to the growing trend of a health conscious generation. 


There are 4 different cup sizes offered, a mini, regular, large and lay•zen. They serve an extensive selection of toppings such as chocolate sauces,cookie crumbs to fruits for your customization pleasures so there's something for everyone! 


The froyo is made from premium ingredients such as purple sweet potato and dairy that replaces additional sugar with natural sweetness. Their froyo also contains a healthy dose of 2.9 billion probiotics per gram and a mini cup can help you achieve your daily recommended consumption of probiotics a day!

If you can't get enough of Yzen's froyo, there's also a takeaway tub if you're planning to stash more froyo in our freezer for movie night snacks! You can also get your favorite toppings on the go as well for RM4 per container! 

Take Away Tub

Yzen currently has 3 outlets situated in Setapak, SS15 and Cyberjaya respectively so get to your nearest Yzen outlet for your froyo fix now!