Puchong can somewhat be the place of eatery that anybody can relate to. This time we speak about dim sum, a meal that is often taken as breakfast and the good ones are very much rare to find. Introducing Yuan Le Dim Sum (formerly Taiji Eatery), the modest restaurant that stands out above the rest of the dim sum outlets.

The atmosphere in the morning is very much subtle and relaxed without feeling the rush as many crowded dim sum places do. The interior is adorned with elegant marble tables fit for a number of steamer baskets or plates of Hong Kong style ‘chee cheong fun’.

Patrons also get to sit on the matching wooden stools for a more ‘Chinese’ feel. The waiters will attend to you with a trolley cart filled with various types of dim sum for you to savour. There is even a small stretched out window within the side of the interior for you to be able to witness in-the-making processes by the chefs. It goes to show that they really serve a handful of decent scrumptious dim sum made freshly out from the kitchen and onto your table.

From the usual crowd-pleasers like the fish balls and different variety of dumplings or mostly known as ‘siew mai’ and century egg porridge to the not-so-common selections like the salted fish buns, pumpkin dumplings and so on.

With all homemade ingredients, Yuan Le Dim Sum really delivers freshness that you can taste. Accompany your dim sum with their local Kampong Koh garlic chili sauce for a flavour boost.

Many recommended the egg tarts as one of the must-try dishes because of its crispy pastry crust and soft wobbly filling