Xiao by Crustz is a newly opened bakery slash pastry shop at Happy Mansion in Seksyen 17 PJ. The brainchild of a home blogger, Xiao-Ly, Xiao by Crustz started as an online business selling homemade cakes and pastries. Years have gone by and now the team has moved up a stage and opened a quaint little shop under the same name. 
Crustz is the name of Xiao’s blog back when she was sharing her creations on the net, and thus the name was born. The newly opened shop has limited entertaining space as the focus is more on the kitchen processes to create masterpiece by masterpiece. Because the shop only opens during specific times, meals here are more for teas than anything. 
The menu changes every few months to keep things fresh and interesting. It also gives a kind of creative outlet for the owner to come up with something different, trendy and even better continuously. Other than pre-ordered cakes and pastries, the current dessert at Xiao by Crustz now has seven selections. Some of them are the Earl Grey, Le Citron, and Le Cerf. Putting forth the best of French style cakes, tarts and pastries, each dessert is a delightful mix of various flavours. 
Earl Grey has the flavours of earl grey and chocolate, Le Citorn is bursting with all the citrus goodness, and Le Cerf is an orchestrated hazelnut and chocolate combo. Macaroons are also available for an extra treat.
Each dessert has their own character and myriad of flavours, but the best thing about Xiao by Crustz is their artisan decorative work. Every piece is so beautifully presented that most of the time you would feel bad because the only way to eat it is to dismantle certain parts. So be sure to take as many pictures before you literally ‘dig in’.

Operating Hour

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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