As opposed to the typical Malaysian hawker stores, Wok It is inspired by the Chinese fast food diners in the US and the UK. With the aim to localize the cuisine in Western Chinese take out, Wok It is bringing a modern twist to the traditional stir fry diner. 

Started as a pop up in 2015, Wok It has come from a long line of establishments from food fairs to being crowdfunded in 2016 and finally the opening of their very own store here in SS15 since 2017. 

The restaurant is tucked away in a little alley in SS15. Upon stepping foot into the place, you’ll be welcomed into sleek, modern environment with a touch of wood for a sense of comfort and calmness.

Here at Wok It, customizing is the key. Guests will be able to customize their own Wok It Box with the possibility of 2000 different types of combinations. Start by choosing your carbs followed by your choice of protein and two types of vegetables for your box. Finally, complete your box with your choice of sauce from a variety of 6 different sauces to choose from! 

On the other hand, the fried rice combo is more on the mild side. Fried with salted egg sauce, the vegetables adds a crunchy texture to the rice with bite sized pieces of beef making it the perfect fried rice combo!

Wok It also serves Orange Chicken (left) as part of their Wok It bowls to suit their Western Chinese fast food concept. Crispy fried chicken is coated with tangy orange sauce paired with rice and topped with a fried egg. For a more localized flavor, Wok It included their signature Kam Heong Chicken (right) as part of their Wok It bowls too!

Besides customizing your own meals, Wok It also serves a side of munchies for those craving a little snack. We were introduced to some of the munchies on the menu such as the Crispy Corn, Bloody Mantou and Coca Cola Wings.

The Coca Cola wings are coated with caramelized coca cola! It’s surprisingly not overpowered with sweetness and the sprinkle of sesame seeds and green onions is well paired with the thick coke syrup.

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