Located within the premises of The Curve at Mutiara Damansara, Warung Leko exists as an gourmet eatery that will cater to all your hunger pangs revolving around delicious Indonesian food fare.

Sporting an extravagant orange hue, the eye-catching signage of this particular restaurant serves as a beacon for those yearning to have a go at a decadent plate of ayam penyet, which is essentially one of the best selling dish amongst its myriad of good eats. As its name would suggest, the Warung Leko's rendition of the ayam penyet is macerated prior to being deep fried in a cauldron of scalding oil. Emerging all crisp and crunchy, with the flesh of the poultry decadently tender and juicy, the chicken is then lathered with a generous amount of spicy sambal, courtesy of Warung Leko's own design. Paired with a serving of rice, patrons are guaranteed to tuck into an addictive ayam penyet dish that will leave you longing for more.

However, with Warung Leko in mind, you can be sure that the eatery has something else equally decadent made available in its array of Sumatran cuisine. Meet the iga penyet, which is earnestly braised beef ribs perched atop a sizzling hot plate coated with Leko's spicy sambal. Savoury and fall-apart-tender to boot, this particular beef dish is not to be missed if you ever find yourself there in Warung Leko. 

Apart from that, the invigorating sup buntut -oxtail soup; is quite the crowd pleaser as well, with every ladle sporting a concoction of flavours derived from the chilli paste, shallots and lime used in its making. Their deep fried tilapia fish makes for a good complementary side dish and if you're not entirely partial to having merely steamed white rice, perhaps you can opt instead for the flavourful Javanese fried rice. 

Nevertheless, if it's Indonesian cuisine you're talking about, rest assured that Warung Leko will not disappoint.