Located right smack in the middle of Puchong's Bandar Puteri commercial hub, the Village BBQ Steamboat offers food aficionados -near and far; with an alternative of gastronomical proportions when it comes to having delectable all-you-can-eat steamboat buffet fare.

Operating via a corner-lot enables Village BBQ Steamboat to accommodate patrons with both indoor and outdoor seating. Those who prefer the confines of minimalist interior accompanied by the cooling blast of air-conditioner may opt to sit inside while those with a preference for the natural dusk ambience with the occasional breeze may want to pick a spot outside, on the veranda. At any rate, the seating spaces -both in and out; fill up rather fast especially during dinner hours, hence prospecting patrons might want to make it a point to come a tad earlier to save themselves the trouble of prolonged waiting.

That aside, the food fare served here is sumptuously exquisite. For starters, the restaurant are armed with grill, barbecue and steamboat (where choice of soup base is split between chicken soup or Tom Yam), in case patrons feel like switching things up a little. Boasting a myriad of tantalising good eats derived from many different sorts of fresh ingredients, patrons will indubitably be spoilt for choices in this particular buffet-styled dining experience. 

To keep things general, patrons will find themselves with the standard fare of meat comprising of chicken, beef, lamb as well as seafood (fish, stingray, clam, mussels, crabs and prawns, to name a few) accompanied by various form of leafy greens, edible fungi as well as frozen food products. And as mentioned earlier, freshness of their ingredients is notably the eatery's top priority, where an exemplary example lies in one particular section of the restaurant housing live prawns in which patrons can fish up at will if they wish to sample grilled or steamed prawns fresh from the waters. Truly a unique experience to behold. Desserts wise, patrons can either opt to gorge themselves silly via the vast selection of ice-creams or sherbets made readily available in huge vats.

Operating Hour

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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