Back to the days when British governed Malaya, that is when grilled fine steaks is brought into and continued its legacy on to the now Malaysia. Throughout the years, the technique of grilling steaks of course did not stay as how it was years ago but improved and innovated by the locals to elevate the taste and texture of steaks. Victoria Station was founded by a Hainanese cook who used to work close with the British and the legacy has then been passed on until now. With Hainanese being known to be great cooks, there should definitely no doubt to expect quality cuisines from Victoria Station.

The concept of Victoria Station however was a sudden thought of when the family was travelling in England years ago. Wondering what it would be like to dine in a steakhouse set exactly in a train setting, the rest was history when they decided to open their first station in Medan Damansara. Moving on to the food, get yourself some Lobster Bisque or Cream of Wild Mushrooms soups as starter. But whatever it is, you would definitely appreciate a basket of Garlic Bread prepared fresh to go with. Besides that, you could also go for some Fresh imported Oysters baked with their very own Cream Sauce, Smoked Salmon and Cheese.

Famed for their steaks, it would be definitely a waste to visit the place and not try out their air-flown Ribeye Steak perfectly seasoned with salt and pepper. But if you are looking for some more flavour, do not hesitate to try their Cheesy Steak and Wild Wild Mushroom Steak. Lobsters are also among their must tries but if you couldn’t choose, then go for one of their Lobster Combos that comes with the lobster and prime-cut loin of your liking.

All in all, Victoria Station is the place to go for if you are looking for some casual fine dining, somewhere between contemporary restaurants and dining Michelin. The price however is also somewhere in between.