Opened its' doors to public on May 27, 2016, Vibes cafe has come a long way to be at where they are now. From starting out with soft launch menus to now having the most unique combination of meals that anyone has ever tried. Located beside KDU Glenmarie, Vibes cafe is a favourite to many there as not only their ambience gives a homey vintage vibe, it is well designed to fit for crowds and gatherings. Their concept of it all was well thought out by their creative director, Razlan Yusof. 

When you first walk in, the pictures and items they hang around their cafe is the first that you will notice, not forgetting the old cameras that they have. Combined with the aroma of coffee, this is what a cafe should be like, calm and homey. 

Right here at VIBES, they are open to allow staff to invent their own recipes and to allow such creativity and customisation shows how much they value each one of their staffs and the things that they can offer. Mix and match is applied to most of the meals that they have in their menu such as their spontaneous creation by Jason, which is the Salted Egg Waffle. Most of their meals come with their own story, just like this, the Salted Egg Waffle was created when they first started out. They use whatever ingredients they have at the moment and come up with something unexpectedly good. 

Vibes offer chef's special that is worth the try such as their Fish Taco that comes with their secret sauce dressing, Hawaiian Chicken Pizza which taste so much better than the usual pineapple topped on pizza and Pesto pasta with Dory fish fillet. However, get your hands on their Vibes Chef's Special Baked Chicken which is only available on weekdays only and limited servings each day. 

The whole idea of Vibes is to serve up comfort food with fusion taste and meals infused with different food. Do not be afraid to explore new things and new inventions, follow what you think is right and dare to try.

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Saturday, Sunday

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