Uroko Japanese Cuisine is definitely one of the go-to spots if you are looking for a change of the usual traditional Japanese restaurant to get your Japanese cravings fix. The setting of the interior of this restaurant located at Section 17 in PJ is very sleek and stylish but comfortable to dine in. The seating spaces in the restaurant are really sufficient and also suitable for private gatherings with large groups as the restaurant is facilitated with private rooms.  

Despite the contemporary atmosphere, the restaurant serves a mixture of great traditional Japanese cuisine along with creative new ideas in the menu to satisfy the taste buds of their customers. The items to go for on the menu of Uroko Japanese Cuisine are their special makis and fresh sashimi that are imported regularly from Tokyo. For those of you who favors spice, you would like to try out a spicy maki wrapped around a crunchy batter and topped with salmon, flying fish roe and bird’s eye chilli to finish the dish.   

Have you ever looked into a menu and contemplate for a long time on what to eat because everything seemed tempting to you? Here in Uroko Japanese Cuisine, you can try out their Omakase menu which features a full course meal of the head chef’s signature dishes using in-season ingredients. It will definitely satisfy your taste buds and at the same time filled with surprises.

Definitely give Uroko Japanese Cuisine a try if you are up for some contemporary Japanese dining for a private gathering or even a dinner for two.