Located in SS2, Petaling Jaya, the restaurant’s humble story goes back a long way. The owners met while on a vacation in Boracay in 2005. The next year, they decided to leave office life to venture out in a new line business, the food and beverages industry. With passion for making food and beverages, they eventually met award winning Chef Ben Chen. He agreed to join them on this journey in inventing new recipes. They decided to set up their own brand in 2008 after a couple years of planning and preparations.

The name “Two Pesos” came from two coins that he kept for memories of their vacation together. The brand was set up with the aim to bring people of different backgrounds and passion together and to raise awareness as well as appreciation for the Taiwanese hot pot culture. It also aims to bring customers an affordable, innovative and value for money steamboat experience. The restaurant embraces a simple yet cosy design that helps out for the usually busy atmosphere. 

Speaking of the busy atmosphere, do plan ahead if you plan on coming here, as being in SS2, traffic can be little hectic during peak hours and parking will also be a challenge. Do try out their very own “Two Pesos Stone Pot”. Their signature stone hot pot carries along the legacy of the dish once popular in the 70th century. “Milky Seafood Pot”, the chef’s special recipe with French-style milky soup to go with it. Herbal teas are also available here to go along with your meal.