Believe it or not, cafes have been sprouting one after another over the years. Regardless which part of Klang Valley anyone resides, there’s bound to be at least 2 – 3 cafes within the vicinity. Subang Jaya itself is no different. There are more than 10 available cafes, each with their own concept and style, to cater for their target market as they see fit. Among so many, Tryst can be considered as one of the upcoming cafés in Subang.

Tryst opened on mid-November 2013 by Haikal with his sister and brother-in-law. According to the owner, and Merriam Webster, Tryst simply means “an agreement between lovers to meet at a certain time and place”. The idea, or perhaps concept of the Tryst is simply a place for hipsters, students, creative people and perhaps, lovers as well. This concept is further exemplified with the array of colours within the café. Personalise graffiti along the entrance, random colourful furnitures from various stores (Ikea, lelong house and warehouse sale) – not one is alike, coloured jars, vibrant red espresso machine, cold drips and many more that contributes to the character, concept and idea of Tryst.


Apart from its fanciful and expressive entrance, they also do provide event space on the first floor. Which is slightly still currently under renovation. However, additional graffiti will be featured in the future alongside with various other interesting props, unique décor and stunning paintings. Despite the lack of air conditioning on the first floor, it is well ventilated. With 2 large openings at the front and back of the floor, natural ventilation runs through the building with ease. Accompanied with several couches and a change in floor materials, the first floor of Tryst café definitely provides an option for comfort and leisure.


The man running the kitchen, Chef Hafiz. He is in charge with all the recipe, plating and choice of the dishes. As of now, Tryst café offers a variety of appetisers, mains, desserts and coffee. However, it wasn’t all that plentiful when they started. It was simply pancakes and coffee – much like a dessert café. Throughout the months of operations, their menu has been constantly revamping for the better. New stuff are added every now and then while some of it were being taken out. The idea was simply to offer an ever-changing menu that offers a variety of good food for the customers. Hence, the item that they offer now may be gone in perhaps, 6 months or so.


One of the inspirations of the menu selections is simply ‘home’. The simple idea of “I want to have something from home – with fast wifi of course” has been a core value of what they opt to serve. Simple, healthy and delicious home cooked food! Offering a wide variety of mains ranging from spaghetti Bolognese to lamb chop. Not to mention fluffy pancakes as one of their best-selling desserts as well. Drinks of course, will be their in-house blend of coffee. With a mix of beans from several continue, one will be able to savour and enjoy a variety of body, acidity and aroma – each with its own unique characteristics.

Despite all those fanciful coffee and gourmet pancakes, Tryst is usually packed during the night – the ‘mamak’ crowd to be exact. One of Malaysian’s favourite thing to do. Sitting with a couple of friends over Teh O’ Ais or Milo Ais, chatting away or playing with phones – a true nightlife of Malaysia. However, that’s not all. Shisha is also available for those who likes a puff – Not to mention the amount of personalised flavours one can order as some may not even be on the market or anywhere else.

Putting all those aside, Tryst has one last interesting gadget that might be of your interest. It’s called Patgear – a motorised scooter. No, not the one where you can sit but the classic “push with your leg” scooter, but with more power – way more power. Imagine standing on a board going at 40 km/h; wind blowing rapidly through your face, the fear of crashing incoming traffic, and the adrenaline from the speed and of course, the bumpy Malaysian road – now that is excitement! They are one of the authorised resellers for Patgear and they also provide service and maintenance as well. If anyone is interested in trying out one, please feel free to approach the owner or perhaps the counter.


In conclusion, if anyone is looking for a place to relax, hang-out, shisha or have a decent meal at an affordable price, Tryst’s got you covered. Not only is it a great place to for mamak-goers but an awesome place for coffee enthusiasts as well!

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