Toast & Roast is a small Chinese eatery located in a row of shops in a quiet neighborhood in SS2 behind Tropicana City Mall. This description alone suggests that the eatery can be very challenging to find due to its location, but the people who have taken the effort to search for it have not looked back. The premise has regularly been noted to be pretty clean, and there isn’t any interior decoration to speak of, which is great for those who are looking for an alternative to the stuffier and more uncomfortable setting typically found in most hawker stalls.

At Toast & Roast, you are more often than not coming to eat one of two things, which are the char siew, as well as the Hakka noodles. The char siew here uses a half fatty and half lean cut of meat, known to a lot of people as ‘pun fei sao’, which has been noted to give the perfect amount of bite and “melt in your mouth” combination. The Hakka noodles come with a generous helping of minced pork, some bits of fried fish skin, and some chopped spring onions. The minced pork can be replaced with char siew in the event you want more of the char siew.

On top of the Hakka mee and char siew, there are other dishes that can be enjoyed such as the crispy fish roll, wantan mee, pork green curry, chicken curry, and much more. In short, you’ve got to head over to Toast & Roast to enjoy some really good Hakka mee, char siew, and other items.

Operating Hour

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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