When the person you were supposed to go out with for breakfast, cancels the appointment last minute, what do you do, especially when you have been craving a good cup of coffee for a long time? Most of the time it feels awful when someone does that to you, more so if it has been planned a long time ago. So, you want good coffee and a pretty décor for an Instagram update, then Tipsy Brew O' Coffee can be added to that long list, or short, of yours. 

Situated in Puchong, or more specifically, Setiawalk, this café is not your typical one, in other words, specialty coffee house. Many places out there serve good coffee but not many go the extra mile to ensure the perfect one. Other than the espresso based drinks, their matcha green tea latte is worth a go, perfect for those who wants something different. Ambience wise, the place features a cosy yet spacious atmosphere with the classic brick and mortar wall along with not to dim lighting to support the ambience. 

This comfortable place also features simple and pretty yet elegant enough to ensure your coffee enjoyment. While here, do give their iced matcha with a scoop of ice cream – a float, if you will, a go as well. If you are here to have something to eat then their spaghetti carbonara with recently added sautéed mushrooms is one you can give a try for. For desserts and savouries, their yam cake and berries French toast with vanilla ice cream should not be missed out too. 

Operating Hour

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Saturday, Sunday

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