Third Mile Cafe Klang

Klang people where you at?? If you are looking for a dining place with chill ambience then Third Mile Café is surely a place for you. This place is unlike any other because in the afternoon they are a café selling food such as mixed rice and different lunch sets. Whereas in the evening they become a lounge where you and your friends can enjoy some cocktails and delicious food.

This Café was originated for just a casual place for friends and family to dine in and chill, but since many people have been requesting for it to open as a permanent eatery place that’s where it was opened as Third Mile Café.

One of their specialties is their very own Mutton Fried Rice. This delicious fried rice surprisingly serves a big portion of mutton in it, so if you really love eating mutton then surely this dish is recommended for you. It’s unlike any other restaurants because over here you’d get more mutton than rice.

Not just that, if you are seeking for western food then worry no more because they also serve a super tasty Grill Chicken Chop. The juiciness of the chicken, and dipping it in their special black pepper sauce will surely tingle your taste buds.

If you plan to eat something light yet to feel full then the Club Sandwich is the way to go. This is not just any other sandwich you will have, giving you three layers of fillings will surely be enough if you wish to have something light and simple.

The drinks are also something that you would not want to miss out.  You can choose from non-alcoholic drinks to delicious alcoholic drinks. It is all up to your preference.

Chocolate lovers should try out their chocolate Skyway. The taste of the chocolate inside the drink will make you fall in love with the taste. Rich with chocolaty goodness and topped off with a chocolate bar is perfection.

When the sun is down, definitely the Tequila Sunrise is the drink for you. This tequila mix with a fruity kick surely suits you if you love the sweet and sour taste of fruits.

Tea talk with friends or a lover while sipping a Long Island Tea is also recommended.  Serving in a very satisfying portion of glass, it will surely be enough for you to have a long talk over this drink.

Located at a very strategic and easy place to find, you should wait no more and visit Third Mile Café and give this dining place a taste of their food and drinks.