Located in Petaling Jaya, The Narra is a spacious venue with an extensive menu offering a delightful spread of Filipino dishes. Many Filipinos working in the Klang Valley are drawn to the cozy and natural ambiance at The Narra, as the enjoy their favorite dishes from back home. 


The restaurant is spacious, very neatly arranged and lively. A grand dim ceiling is combined with clean white chairs and tables. On one side of the space, there is a counter with baked goods/cakes/pastries on display, while the other items are imported from the Philippines. 




The Menu at The Narra is simply incredible. From silog meals to rice meals, they even have an ala carte option available that covers a variety of noodles, seafood, chicken and vegetables. 


Start of with the Pork BBQ, which is grilled pork on a stick. It is freshly made in-house for the utmost softness in texture, astoundingly tasty and preservative free. The meat is glazed in ketchup and only cost you RM8 for 3 pieces. 


Anything and everything pork is The Narra's greatest pride! They offer a wide spread of Filipino favorites like the classic lenchon kawali. Season pork belly, deep fried and sliced into thinner and smaller pieces, and it is paired perfectly with a liver sauce dipping. Not forgetting their super tasty longsilog. It's a Filipino-style sausage, served with garlic rice and fried egg. These sweet tasting longganisa are sausages made with  ground pork, pork fat, sugar and spices. 



The Narra is also well-known for their Daing na Bangus. This dish is actually considered a Filipino stapled breakfast where milk fish is butterflied, marinated with vinegar, garlic, peppercorn and fried until golden. It goes perfectly with a bowl of garlic fried rice, a sunny side up egg and a dipping companion of chopped tomatoes and spiced vinegar. Usually people would avoid ordering seafood at restaurants because of the very expensive price. But you need to know that you can get a plate of Daing na Bangus for only RM25! 

At The Narra, they only serve the best quality meals/ dishes at a very affordable price. If you plan to have a meal here during the weekend, there will be live bands and performances for you to enjoy with your family and friends. 

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday
Friday, Saturday

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