Ever had yourself in a situation where you want to play video games and chill at the same time with your friends? Now it is possible here at The FOG Room! Black painted walls, rustic wooden furniture, sofas and a PS4 plugged in a wide television screen makes up for a relaxing and chilling journey here at this cafe. Alongside this comes an array list of Western cuisine that promises to fuel pack your gaming mode!

However, there would not be such relaxing mood if you hold on to an empty stomach so let The FOG Room handle that for you with their variety of signature pastas such as the AraBiata, Bolognaise, Mush Fredo which is a cream and cheese mixed with garlic, onions and mushroom as well as Rendang pasta which is a lovely fusion of Italian pasta with everyone’s local faouvirte, Rendang. “Say no to Rendang,” said no one ever!

All the video games must have been tiring you so why not try their All Day Breakfast so you can continue playing more video games? Go for their FOG Room Signature which is a breakfast sandwich, with Brioche bun, their very own recipe patty, cheese, eggs, bacon with a salad on the side. Also try their Chicken Delight made with Fried Chicken breast seasoned with teriyaki sauce wrapped in tortilla alongside wedges. Calamari, Chicken Cocktail sausages, Chips and Salsa are also available for your snacking!

The FOG Room serves distinct mocktails such as Thai Beach, Red Dawn, Purple Haze and fizzy drinks such as Green Apple, Peach, Lychee as well as Royal Chocolate, Pink Unicorn, Yellow Taxi for milkshakes and tea. Desserts such as brownies and cakes are also available to your heart's desires.

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