The Carpenter’s Daughter is a popular artisan bakery and café situated along the busy streets of Taipan USJ, Subang Jaya. They offer a wide array of homemade artisanal breads, along with pastries and cakes that has got the crowd coming over and over again for the past 4 years. Everything is done in-house, with their own recipe along with fresh and healthy ingredients. No addictive, colouring or any form of preservatives. In short, it is healthy, hearty, fresh and absolutely delicious.

Apart from their lovely range of artisanal breads, pastries and cakes, and in conjunction with their 4th anniversary, they have launched a new menu featuring several brand new dishes and a new look. For those loyal fans, do not worry – the change is simply on the menu.

As the name suggest, the owner of The Carpenter’s Daughter really is true to its name. Hence, you will notice that some of the tables and chairs used are quite different – in a way that you may cannot describe. After all, those are done by the father. Solid, comfortable and aesthetically fitting within its theme. Inside, you will be greeted with a warm and cozy ambiance, where tables are fitted with a picnic-like table cloth and a green wall featuring some posters. 

For those interested in watching how they make the loaf, it is done right in front of your very eyes, near the back of the café.

To begin, here are some of their latest additions to the menu.

We started off with a delicious and simple Classic French Toast. With homemade bread, organic Agave, baked apple cinnamon, butter and jam. Firm and fluffy sticks of french toast, lightly browned on the edge goes perfectly well with some organic Agave and baked apple cinnamon. Alternatively, the combination of butter and jam was delicious as well. Perfect for a Sunday breakfast, or any other day's breakfast for that matter.

Followed by a beautiful selection of Bread Platter. Served with 4 types of bread; tomato, 7-grain, cranberry and ciabatta, truffle butter, walnuts and a vine of delicious and seedless grapes. The assortment of the different types of bread are indeed lovely, each unique to its own flavour and texture. Not to mention they work brilliantly with the truffle butter.

Delicious serving of shrimp and scallop infused with garlic, herbs and a hint of chilli and served with a crispy Italian square bread. Simply place the shrimp on the square bread and spread some of the delicious oil/sauce on the surface to enjoy. The simplicity of presentation and complexity of flavour are absolutely brilliant.

Not forgetting the complete breakfast menu. Served with fresh Muesli yogurt parfait, fresh orange juice, salad, mini roll with tuna and a pastry of the day. The presentation is simple, elegant and has an essence of France, where they serve breakfast in bed.

For the pasta, you will get a choice of penne or spaghetti where it is served al-dante. With just the right consistency of olive oil, the pasta is light and the seasoning along with the garlic works beautifully. It coats each and every strand of spaghetti with easy. The additional slices smoked duck are seared skin-side down, which gives them a slightly crispier skin. Finished with a squeeze of lemon juice, the pasta is simply vibrant, well-flavoured and absolutely delicious.

For those who enjoy having tea-time, The Carpenter’s Daughter has just the thing for you. Served with a wide selection of premium tea (Ronnefeldt Tea), scones with jam & cream, pastry, cake, sandwiches and macarons. Everything you will get is rather straight-forward as they are placed beautifully and neatly on a multi-tier tray.

Scones are made to be fluffy and light which pairs brilliantly with the cream and jam. Along with macarons that crumbles easily and packed with natural flavour, it’s a treat to say the least.

Overall, The Carpenter’s Daughter has more to offer than meets the eye. From their excellent selection of breads and pastries to their ever so delicious main course, everything is well executed and presented. Of course, food is not all just about how it looks as taste is the utmost priority, in which The Carpenter’s Daughter can easily achieve.

So what are you waiting for? Mark your calendars and head on down to The Carpenter’s Daughter today, even if it is for dinner!

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Saturday, Sunday

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