Got to be real and honest here, this is by far the most authentic Thai food that I have ever tried. If you're always going up to Hatyai area for food, you don't have to anymore, this restaurant right here is where you can get Thai food that is alike to their food there. Thanks to their owner who is half Taiwanese and half Thai, she serves recipes that were passed down from her grandmother and that is why the Thai food they have are original.

Spot their shop that is brightly orange and decorated with many vintage looking pictures and decorations to give a vibe and a wall of canned Coca Cola and Pepsi empty bottles. Widely spacious and air conditioned. 

Being there feels like home as their service is friendly and efficient. Besides, having hot soup on rainy days are the best especially when it warms your tummy so you definitely have to order up their Signature Thai dish which is the Vintage Tom Yam Noodles, I promise you won't regret. 

If you are in with a group, order their tom yam seafood soup which is a hotpot soup that gives a sweet and sour taste but light. Don't ever miss out on the chance of having their Pork Leg Rice, the savoury tender pork leg eaten with rice is the perfect way to have your meal. Expect everything tasting authentic and you will not be disappointed with the outcome.

From the picture itself you can see how irresistible the food looks and every bite you take, you will experience the spicy and soury taste of Thai food.

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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