Temptations Restaurant and Bar Kajang

Craving for western delicacies? This restaurant might “tempt” you with their classic western dishes! Temptations is a family restaurant that aims to cater to everyone’s needs and desires! Tucked away in a small neighborhood town at Bandar Mahkota Cheras, Temptations has been known as the oldie but a goodie amongst local patrons! 

The owner is an epicurean whom after many years of working in the service industry decided to open up his first western food joint at Jalan Tun Razak back in 2006. Two years later he shifted his restaurant to Bandar Mahkota Cheras and has been there since, operating for more than 11 years. 

The restaurant definitely has the classic western joint ambiance to it. With pops of color to it’s interior alongside cosy leather couches for those achy backs, this restaurant is the epitome of comfort dining suitable for family gatherings. 

Without further ado, let’s move on to the food! We were served a full course meal for our visit and they definitely did not disappoint! Firstly, we had a classic Wild Mushroom Soup to start off with. It was the perfect balance of creaminess and chunkiness with a smooth texture. Topped with croutons, this mushroom soup is the perfect dish to kick start your meal! 

For our appetizer, we had a Japanese Grilled Chicken Salad for a more refreshing twist with a sesame dressing that left us hungry for more food!

 And now for the star of the show, the main(s) course! First up was the Australian Rib eye Steak!  Upon the first bite, it was the juiciest piece of meat that we’ve ever tried. “Umami” would be the best word to describe it! Though it was a bit more on the chewy side than soft but the texture further amplifies the flavor of the meat and just looking at it was enough to leave us salivating!

What’s a western food joint without a classic Sizzling Chicken Chop? The sounds of sizzling black pepper sauce is definitely music to my ears! The sauce definitely packs a kick to the soft chicken meat. Paired with french fries and broccoli, this Sizzling Chicken Chop is a match made in heaven!

This Pork Rack Chop definitely stole the show for me! The knife went through the meat easily and it was seasoned to perfection! It was very juicy like the steak we had and the pork rack was imported from Spain.

Pasta has always been a staple dish in western cuisine but this Pork Bacon Aglio Olio has an Asian twist to it to best suit local taste buds! It was bursting with flavor and the taste of garlic and bacon shone through the pasta!

Lastly for dessert, we were served Chocolate Lava Cake! Upon prying apart the cake, thick chocolate sauce flows out of the cake! Paired with vanilla ice cream, this cake is perfect for those with a sweet tooth!

Temptations definitely stood out amongst the heap of western food joints in town due to the owner’s accommodating nature. He utilizes the freshest local produce alongside imported gourmet meat to ensure that only the best of quality is delivered to their guests. 

Not only that, guests that has special dietary restrictions or any requests at all can be made and delivered as long as they have the ingredients for it. For instance, fussy grandparents that prefer fried noodles instead of spaghetti or those that are not feeling it for western food may request other items that are off the menu such as Thai or local cuisine! 

To fully bring out their family restaurant concept, Temptations will be running a promotion where guests can keep their phones in a bag and surrender it to the owner to maximize interaction between friends and families. Therefore making it the best place to go when you want to spend some quality time with your companions!