Sun Yin Loong is another Chinese restaurant that has existed for a long time and famous for certain type of dish. Originally brought down from Ipoh Old Town, it has two branches near each other with different menu catering to different tastes. To some people, Sun Yin Loong Restaurant is the place to go to when the hunger for Ipoh’s best strikes.

The one dish that kept people coming and talking is the infamous Curry Mee, also known as Curry Laksa. Curry has a long history in this country, and to a lot of shops, it is a continuous struggle to put out a good bowl of curry noodles. It is not an easy feat to do, much less to find, but it proves to be worth it so long as you know where to look. An aromatic thick soup full with spice, at the same time light and runny enough to coat every strand of noodle in their way, served with all the good things in a curry (dried tofu and bean sprouts among others), topped with hefty portion of tasty roast pork, or steamed chicken if you prefer; Curry Mee at Sun Yin Loong Restaurant is a dish worthy to rival the competition. It is up to the point that the curry broth would run out so soon and late patrons would have to settle for the dry version.

Curry Mee is one thing, but the name Ipoh Old Town most famously known for is the white coffee. Add Sun Yin Loong Restaurant to your list of coffee places to visit as they serve authentic Ipoh White Coffee that get the crowd going.

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