Steamboat. A Malaysian’s favourite. What defines a good steamboat experience? For some, it would be the obvious experience of cooking your own food at a restaurant. For others, it is the friendly get together between family and friends. Well, in my opinion, it is those two and much, much more. The broth or soup in a pot is among the most important. Sweet or spicy, as long as it captures the taste buds of many it is worth it, with an addition of the fresh and high quality ingredients, the soup flavour enhances beyond imagination. 

Company of friends and family add up to the experience. Of course, steamboat is nothing without the ingredients. One can choose from numerous amount if ingredients and at Suki-Ya, ingredients or whatever you want to call it, is of highest quality and the freshest it can be. One of many branches, this one is nestled amidst the busy rather recent shopping gallery of Paradigm Mall, perfect if you and your company decide to have steamboat for dinner after a long day of window shopping or actual shopping. 

Being a blend of Malaysian style steamboat with a Japanese background, you can expect Japanese food here as well. Sushi. Another favourite among Malaysians. The steamboat is no exception to this blend. Among the tasty soup bases to choose from includes, Shabu-Shabu, Sukiyaki, Miso and Kimuchi. Back to sushi, ingredients used to make them are as fresh as it can get, not to mention high quality, all made by experienced hands. Visit one of their branches to know what I’m talking about.