Commandant by Aunty Sue, this family business hails from Penang serves you selections of authentic Nyonya based menu. Stepping into this humble shop, it feel like living in a Penang surrounded with the aroma and simple classic environment. Similarly to other hawkers eateries nearby, Sue's Kitchen at Ho Li Chow is a recommended chill-out eatery for everyone at any ages to grab and taste its exquisite servings such as its traditional Lam Mee. The clean and serene environment can eventually crowded during peak hours as most officers and neighborhood prefer to catch some lunch here with their friends and family. 

Being so generous with the ingredients, having a quite pricey dish is not a big deal anymore for this. It is worth every penny here as you can taste full flavor in every spoon fed. Speaking of this, it reminds me to their Nasi lemak made just like home. Without lacking of any ingredients, it makes their Nasi Lemak so authentic and favorable. Plus, DELICIOUS! The yellow curry is pleasurably thick and rich with taste, the not too spicy sambal really fits every patron comes by.  

The Lam Mee here is one of the highly demand dish as well by anyone who came visited. This rich hd hearty Lam Mee is famously known for its tasteful soup. By being not too salty or tasteless, it is just perfectly made according on how Penang style should be.

Besides, the Laksa Penang here is something you should not miss. If my tummy is capable enough to load more, I would buy myself each on of them here.  When my friend told me the Laksa Penang is incredible and authentic, I somehow was curious till he gave me some shot to taste. BELIEVE ME! It is similar to what I have tasted back then in Penang street. So perfect, so delicious. 

To me, every portion served is quite good based on its price. If you opt to Nyonya home based cook, I highly recommend here! 

Operating Hour

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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