Ah, vegetables, gravy and most importantly unlimited white rice that will definitely hype up a typical Asian. Yes, you guessed right, it’s Banana Leaf Rice. Though a well-known Malaysian favourite, not many is aware that this is actually a traditional South Indian cuisine. Sri Ganapathi Mess runs its business in a single-story terrace house so do expect a dine-at-home kind of ambience which I’m sure most of you wouldn’t mind the homey atmosphere. The idea of eating Banana Leaf Rice is exactly what its name suggests, it’s to get in there with your hands and not care about making a mess.

Stepping into the porch of Sri Ganapathi Mess, you would be tempted by the variety of fried upon orders at the fried station. But hold your horses, walk in and get yourself a seat before you go crazy with the food as you might be expecting a full house inside.

If you are familiar with places that sell Banana Leaf Rice, you would know that the usual Banana Leaf is served with white rice, 3 or more types of vegetables, papadom and gravy of your choice. If white rice is too basic for you, I reckon you try their Nasi Briyani to bring the spice to a whole new level. Before that, order yourself some crab rassam which is a tangy-spicy traditional soup to get your appetite going.

Now you can be satisfied with what you have or go all over and add on with some fried-items, curries and others. Their mutton varuval is highly recommended to those who favour the spice but if you are one that enjoys the crunch then the fried squid would be your thing.

All in all, Sri Ganapathi Mess is one of the places to go for if you are looking to get your Banana Leaf Rice crave fixed. 

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Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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