Sozo Japanese Restaurant Petaling Jaya

Let’s face it, we Malaysians definitely have a thing for Japanese cuisines but sometimes Japanese cuisines are just a little over our budget for a regular meal. What if I tell you that you get to eat all the Japanese cuisines you can, well at least within two hours. Here in Sozo Japanese Restaurant, you get to enjoy two hours of a la carte Japanese buffet for a price that couldn’t be found elsewhere. Located in the all so happening Sunway Giza Mall, Sozo Japanese Restaurant serves Chuka-style Japanese delicacies. For your information, Chuka style cuisines were once popular in the 19th century which features dishes that are originated from China but modified to cater the Japanese palate.

Once seated, you would be given a sheet of paper with all the dishes available for the buffet and all you have to do is just tick the ones that you want and leave the rest to the waiters. It might be hard for you to choose from the very long list of items, but we all know that Sashimi is a must when it comes to Japanese cuisines. If you want a taste of everything, suggest you go for the Sashimi Moriawase with a platter of various Sashimis.

Besides that, Sozo’s menu also features a variety of appetizers, salad, carpaccio, agemono , maki rolls, yakimono and main dishes. Being adventurous, you should definitely go for their Mango Soft Shell Crab Salad which is a refreshing fusion dish loved by many. Other popular items of the menu that you can try include the Unagi Tofu, Curry Katsu Don, Fresh Oysters and their customized Maki Rolls.

Perfect for family and friends gathering, you definitely wouldn’t regret any penny you spend here. 

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