Found yourself in the vicinity of Bukit Rimau but unsure of where to go for a sip or bite? Boy do we have the fix for you. Just head on over to Jalan Sungai Burung and you will find yourself close to a particular cafe named Sips & Bites (Concidence? I think not). At any rate, quaintly decorated with a rich hue of turtoise -a color both pleasant and soothing to the soul; this family-run cafe packs a whole lot of lip-smacking action when it comes to dolling out all-time cafe favourites.

In essence catering to patrons in need for a hearty breakfast or brunch, this cozy outlet serves a myriad of culinary delish including all-day big breakfasts, eggs benedict -with eggs poached to near perfection; smoked salmon -where fluffy buttery scrambled eggs compliments the briny taste of the fish; and sandwiches to satiate all your breakfast needs.

In terms of lunch, patrons may opt instead for more substantial meals inclusive of a variety of pastas (Pick between spaghetti ala Carbonaras or Aglio Olios), nasi lemak (Nasi Lemak Goreng is their best seller here) and burgers (Pork burger, slightly salty for some but the savoriness is exquisite nevertheless).

 And after partaking in hearty meal, if there is still room for desserts, Sips & Bites also offer a delightfully sinful selection of ice-cream based waffle desserts, perfect for every sweet-toothed individual. But of course, if you wish for something less sweet, you can opt for their hand-brew coffee brewed using premium grade coffee beans or if you can do without the caffeine, their in-house herbal teas are worth the shot as well. 

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Saturday, Sunday

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