The name Simple Chicken Rice and Curry Noodle is a hard sell on what this cafe specializes on – yes, chicken rice and curry noodles. And the word simple really is true to the nature that Simple Chicken Rice and Curry Noodles put forth in its dishes, with a packed meal of chicken rice prepared lightly and yet the delicious aftertaste of what authentic Hainanese chicken rice would taste like does not surrender even a bit. Simple Chicken Rice really is simple in its menu with choices of chicken to choose from as part of its delectable chicken rice meal.

However, chicken rice is not the only dish Simple is famous of, this cafe’s curry noodle is also a hit among patrons with a choice of your own noodle to choose from such as mee hoon or kuey teow.  Another local dish that is worth a try is Simple’s nasi lemak – and a good one too! However it is not a simple nasi lemak from the looks of it, where chicken rendang dish is also served as a side. Aside from the mains that customers are mostly fond of, this cafe surprisingly offers local desserts as well such as bean curd barley, bubur chacha, red bean soup, and many more. To think that this place cannot get any more champion with its already delicious rice and noodles, Simple cafe then decided to throw off local desserts that only on hard luck one would manage to acquire. Nevertheless, this cafe that is situated in the midst of hustle and bustle of SS15 Subang, it really is a gem that cannot be missed. 

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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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