The probability to a decent mamak restaurant is on average easy to locate. If you’re out and about wandering the streets of Subang Jaya for a good place to eat, Silva Tandoori Corner would be a place you could try out. Located in the heart of Subang Jaya, SS15 is a place where many good food places are acclaimed to be the best.


Silva Tandoori Corner’s setting is about any other typical mamak store you would see around. The restaurant takes up two empty shop lots so there are plenty of space for customers to eat in. Silver chairs and wooden tables are arranged neatly. There are many pictures of food placed around the entire restaurant as part of décor and for customers to pick out what they dish they want to order as well. There are other posters and advertisements posted on the pillars of the interior of the building. There are plenty of fans placed around the restaurant to ventilate the air. Other food stalls and drinks are placed at the sides and corner of the restaurant visible to the customers.


This particular restaurant is famous for a few dishes. Their chicken tandoori is a clear favourite to many. Its original tastes of this char grilled dish which will leave you raging to the delightful flavours of this unique Tandoori chicken. Apart from this, customers frequent picks are the nasi lemak, cheese naan, maggi goreng and their roti tosai. The food is served up warm and fresh satisfying you with a tasteful flavour of good old mamak dishes.


Silva Tandoori Corner serves up tasty delectable dishes where Malaysian locals can happily satisfy their mamak cravings. What's more, is that the mamak store opens 24/7. So, you can literally go at any time if it’s a lunch appetite or dinner crave or even a midnight snack.





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