Located on The Roof in First Avenue is Signature by The Hill, a stylish and trendy premium gastro-lounge. Since its inception in October 2013, Signature by The Hill has been serving up award winning signature cocktails, stocking their shelves with a great selection of international premium beverages, as well as dishing out a plethora of Western, Asian and international fusion cuisine. Labelled as a contemporary restaurant for the avant-garde, the menu is unique; where patrons can indulge in a gastronomic dining experience, with menus from visiting premium chefs.

While the menu is seasonal and does have changes from time to time, there are still consistent items that can be expected on the menu such as the wagyu rib eye, lamb roulade, pan seared fois gras, seafood soup, grilled salmon, chilli clams, and much more.

As far as desserts are concerned, Signature by The Hill is well known for their spicy chocolate lava cake, the fruit pavlova, and the dessert trio which comprises of chocolate mousse, creme brulee and toffee apple crumble.

Signature by The Hill also has a bar, as such, you can expect to find a great selection of cocktails and other beverages. Customers can enjoy drinks like lychee mojitos, B-52 shots, liqueur ice milo and much more. The obvious standout drink has to be the watermelon slush, which has vodka, midori and lychee liqueur encased in half a fresh watermelon.

So If you’re looking to dine and drink in style, with a beautiful view of the city, head to Signature by The Hill. This place will give diners a unique and pleasurable experience that should not be missed out on.