Ribs @ Oasis Petaling Jaya

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Nestled in between 1 Utama Shopping Complex and the community shopping centre of Centre Point, Ribs @ Oasis is a well-known restaurant among pork lovers. Specializes in Western Food, Pork Ribs, Pork Burgers, Lamb Shank and Pastas that guarantee to excite your taste buds with unique twists in their cuisines. The meals can cost you up to RM50, but for a well-cooked dish, that can be considered as acceptable.


One of the must-try dish of this restaurant is the Ribs Pork Belly. The dish has a unique taste to it. Paired with Tuscan sauce, the nicely seasoned large pork belly is simply heavenly. In every bite you will taste a different taste of both sweet and salty. Mashed potatoes and vegetables are also served along with the pork belly. Another signature dish that you should consider having is the Rib's Baby Back Pork Ribs. Order it in Smokey BBQ flavour, the pork ribs are cooked to perfection with all the juiciness of the pork goodness along with a perfect tender texture to it. Served with salads and a very delightful mashed potato as side dishes.


If you’re not a pork fan, you can order the big in portion Quarter Roast Chicken. This dish comes along with salads, mashed potatoes, homemade sauce, and rice. The roasted chicken is beautifully marinated and the combination of the sauce and the rice is simply divine. Wide range of beverages are served here at Ribs @ Oasis – hot and cold drinks, juices, and beers. For a refreshing drink, go for Licious which is a mixture of coke and passionfruit. Sound weird but it is oddly tasty. For a sourer drink, the Virgin Punch would the the right choice. Although we don’t have any idea on why it is called that way, but the drink consists of lemon, apple, and pineapple delights.

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Tuesday, Wednesday

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