Nestled on the ground floor of Aeon Mall in Shah Alam, Windmill is an establishment that serves exquisite Western and Thai cuisine. A successful restaurant hailing from Subang SS12, this outlet in Shah Alam features a more understated but classy design.

Upon entering, patrons will be greeted by the sight of waiters and waitresses coiffed in classy black and white suits darting around the restaurant professionally. The interior of the restaurant is extremely spacious and bright due to the ample amount of sunlight filtering in from the large windows. Definitely a perfect place for Instagram photographs. The main colour scheme is light blue, which brings about a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

They offer an extremely wide selection of dishes. When it comes to the Western menu, their Lamb Shank is a must try. With its appetizing aroma, attractive presentation and delicious taste, it is definitely a pleasure to the senses. The flesh is completely devoid of any unpleasant lamb smell. It is also extremely tender and detaches from the bone easily without being too shredded. It is served with creamy mashed potato and various vegetable such as capsicum, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, tomatoes and mushrooms. Do not forget their Pasta Seafood Aglio Olio which is extremely delectable with a taste from the ocean with tiger prawns, dory fish, mussels and squid rings. The paste is cooked al-dente, with each strand evenly coated with olive oil and mixed herbs.

Last but not least, do sample their Singature Soft Shell Crab from the Thai menu. The crabs are soft but crispy on the outside with extremely fresh and sweet meet. They come buried in heaps of egg floss which carries a strong butter scent and is garnished with curry leaves and chili.