What better way to have rice than on a big piece of banana leaf that would elevate the fragrance of the white rice. You should even go dirty and eat them with your hands to have the best of Indian cuisine experiences. Restoran Sri Paandi located in Seksyen 11 is one of the places you could get your Indian cravings fixed with some authentic Indian cuisines. The indoors of the restaurant is air-conditioned, so no worries on sweating from the spice. There is also an outdoor area for those who prefer an after meal smoke.

The serving here might take some time as the place is crowded most of the time, so feel free to head over the light snacks counter and grab yourself some traditional Indian light snacks and desserts. If you are one with a sweet tooth, then definitely try out the palkhova which is more of a milky-sweet dessert or the jelebi which has a syrupy sweetness.

The Banana Leaf here is one of the most affordable among the best ones in PJ, where you get free refills of rice, gravy and papadom. The white rice is served on top of a large piece of banana leaf and complemented with 3-4 vegetable dishes. But if you are not feeling vegetarian for the day, you can order some of their fried items which are cooked upon order. Definitely give their deep fried chicken or fish a try as it is known to be crispy on the outside, tender on the inside. Spice lovers should go for their deep fried salted chilli to challenge your taste buds.

Nothing better than a hearty meal of Banana Leaf Rice and a cup of Massala tea to perfect your afternoon, definitely visit them for some authentic Indian cuisine.