Restoran Sri Grand City Petaling Jaya

Sometimes we all need good food, good Indian food. Banana leaf rice has long existed in Indian culture with rice being its main focal point and banana leafs as plates served with an assortment of vegetables, curry and of course, papadum. Rice is just not a staple food in Indian culture but also to many parts of the world. It has become so popular, at least here in Malaysia, that it is a favourite among many. 

Situated in Petaling Jaya, or more specifically, along the Jalan Dato Mahmud, not too far away from Universiti Malaya Medical Centre, Restoran Sri Grand City is one place you should not miss out when looking for good banana leaf rice. This dining establishment is what one would call a step above the rest in terms of their food, all prepared in house with fresh and high quality ingredients. The ambience is what you would expect at any typical restaurant. It is cosy and simple but also noisy at most times. The décor is unsophisticatedly elegant and the exterior features similar design.

Service here is alright, with friendly and helpful staff running the equally willing place. With their wide range of food and beverages to choose from, there are some there should not be missed out. Of course, their banana leaf rice is not to be missed out especially when eaten with mutton curry, the vegetarian cutlet and chicken perattal also should be given a try to. The masala fish is also among their specialties that is best with the teh tarik and limau ais