Located away from the town centre, Restoran Sang Mewah in Puchong isn’t easy to find. This restaurant started out as a humble eatery in Taman Desa and is famed for their Curry Fish Head and Assam Steamed Fish. Due to the support of patrons, they expanded and opened their second, newer outlet in Puchong.

The interior of the restaurant is simple but comfortable with air-conditioning. It is spacious with large tables and is suitable for big groups of families and friends. It is definitely a good place to have a satisfying meal while chatting and relaxing. The staffs are friendly and attentive. Do ask them for their recommendations of the best dishes.

Their Curry Fish Head is delectable, coming in a claypot to keep the dish warm. The gravy is intense, aromatic and well-flavoured with spices. It definitely goes well with a piping hot bowl of rice! You can choose between the regular version or fillet version, which only consists of fish fillets. Their fish head is fresh and meaty while the fillets are well-made without any bones. The soft boiled vegetables make the dish even better. You should also sample their Assam Steam Fish, which gives a sour and slightly spicy spin to the traditional steam fish dish. The flesh of the fish is sweet and tender, going perfectly with the assam gravy. Apart from their staple fish dishes, you should also give their vegetable dishes a try for your daily dose of fibre.

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday

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