If you ever found yourself in the hustle and bustle of Puchong's city centre and incidentally in dire need of good eats that doesn't burn a hole in your wallet, head on over to Restoran Ramai Food Centre, where affordable culinary variation awaits with decent taste to boot.

With its operating hours ranging from 12 o'clock in the afternoon right down to the middle of the night, this is one of the more frequented food joints in which people of Puchong opt for whenever they get the rumbly tummy due to all too frequent hunger pangs. In general, Ramai Food Centre offers your typical Malaysian gourmet food fare, from local delights to international dishes that will leave you wanting more if there is still space left in your stomach. 

Here, they have not only Malaysian's all-time favourite nasi lemak, fish head curry or satay, but also chicken rice, wantan mee, char kuey teow, Hokkien prawn mee and also roasted chicken wings, just to name a few. Patrons will indubitably be spoilt for choices and they will be hard press to go home disappointed. 

One of the best dishes here, however, ought to be the duck thigh noodles. Using springy bee hoon as the noodle base for this dish, the noodles are served in a rich, savoury, herbal concoction of sort accompanied by a braised whole duck thigh which is nothing less than tender and succulent. All in all, if good food is what you want in exchange for reasonable pricing, Ramai Food Center is your go-to place in Puchong.