Feeling like eating Maggie but wanted more than just a plain and boring bowl of noodle? Then come aboard to Restoran Maggie Ketam Power for a unique, upgraded instant noodles that will sail your heart to the the sea of delicious taste.

Located in Puchong, this restaurant is a hidden gem as you have to go through a small village road to reach there but fear not this is the restaurant that is worth trying for. Opened for business in 2015, Restoran Maggie Ketam Power is owned by a seafood supplier. So you can rest assured that every dish served here are fresh out of the sea. 

Like its name, their forte would be Maggie, the instant noodles that is loved by Malaysians. Therefore, the first dish that we try is non other than Maggie Ketam Power (RM15++). Made with the seasonings of Maggie Curry and their own curry paste for added kick, this bowl of noodle is one step to the delicious horizon.

Maggie Ketam Power

For the next dish, we have another bestseller Maggie which is Maggie Gearbox (RM 35++).For those who is allergic to seafood or just don't feel like eating one, why not give this one a try? Used the same curry paste for the soup, this huge meaty bones are made for sharing or you can try to eat it on your own.

Maggie Gearbox

Thinking that going all the way here for a bowl Maggie makes zero sense to you? Then opted for their set meals. Served with two steamed rice, Ikan Siakap Tiga Rasa (RM 15++) are made for two. 

Ikan Siakap Tiga Rasa

Last but not least is Udang Goreng Tepung (RM 5).This light and crispy deep fried prawns are great with steamed rice and on its own. Fried upon ordering, this fresh prawns are served warm together with their signature sauce to dip with.

Udang Goreng Tepung