We all have that one spot, no matter how long the queue is or finding a parking space is alike a labyrinth, we just got to eat there! In the vicinity of Subang Jaya, this unassuming stall which is anchored between long-stretched shop lots has been drawing patrons for their homemade egg noodles which are impeccable.  

Upon entering, be greeted with voracious eaters gobbling down noodles in an old-school ambiance which can utterly be witnessed by the menu board, handwritten on a cardboard and lingering on the wall. Indeed, they have given downright attention to the food, which is the main draw. The best-selling noodle is their homemade Wan Tan Mee or if you opt for a change, they have kuey teow and yellow noodles too.

The noodles are light, ethereal and each strand blissfully binds with the mild soy sauce, which also permeates an aromatic whiff to your nostrils. Wan Tan Mee is all about your meat toppings where Leung Kee is bringing it to whole new level, you have regular Wan Tans, char siew, steam chicken, BBQ pork, shredded chicken, mushroom and chicken feet. If you’re puzzled, get their Mixed Noodles, you have a bit of everything. Moreover, they are never skimp on the ingredients, liberally loaded onto the noodles; it keeps you going all day long.

Apart from the noodles, their curry chicken, pork ribs and Sui Kow Noodles are singing praises too. The fillings of the pork and prawns are visible through the thin skin, and best paired with pickled chilies for a dose of heat. Parking and space barriers are common, yet once you’ve chomped down their signature noodles, it’s a top of the world feel!