Restoran Kavitha’s Curry House Petaling Jaya

Once in a while, eating food that is related to each other’s culture is worth the go. Living in Malaysia, the concept of leaving together in harmony is a value most Malaysians have been planted with since the first day of school. Food being important in many cultures, is as well a great way to bring many cultures together. Indian food is like many others, it is special in its own way, spices and preparation method to the way it is eaten and enjoyed.

Situated in Petaling Jaya, or more specifically, the haven for Indian food, Bukit Gasing, Restoran Kavitha’s Curry House is one restaurant most people would see as an ordinary restaurant, or in other words, a typical and simple restaurant. So, what does it mean by that? Well, picture that Indian restaurant that you have been going regularly for meals, then picture a mamak restaurant, yea, something like that. Anyway, simplicity and a feeling of seclusion from the busy life outside, surrounded by people enjoying good food, that is the ambience.

Being one of those places that sell banana leaf rice, you would expect the usual items you would get at a mamak restaurant should you happen to be not in the mood for Indian, not to worry, they do. The usual roti canai and roti telur are available while the curry that comes with it, is the richest it can be. One can enjoy the curry with the rice or the roti or whatever it is you happen to order. Also, their fried fish is one not to be missed out. 

Operating Hour

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

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