Restoran Kari Kepala Ikan Bintang Puchong

Restoran Kari Kepala Ikan Bintang is no stranger to the locals. An eatery that’s renowned of its fish head curry has been drawing customers back for more. It has been present for quite some time establishing its name and dish to many especially those staying around PJ and particularly those in Puchong. It is no doubt that at certain peak hours the restaurant may be flooded with hungry customers.


Tucked in a corner of Taman Kinrara Batu 7½ of Jalan Puchong, the restaurant covers the ground floor of the corner shop lot. There’s ample space around for customers to sit. The restaurant’s set like your average typical Chinese restaurant. The arrangement of tables and chairs are placed around with enough room for customers to walk through. Customers have a choice of eating either indoors or outdoors. Indoors are air-conditioned so more customers tend to sit inside as it is cooler.

The restaurant’s signature dish is evidently the fish head curry. The reason this particular dish is so famous is because of its fresh fish infused with aromatic and flavourful curry. The curry is freshly made and cooked in a hot clay pot which keeps the flavour bubbling in the pot itself. Aside from this notorious signature dish, do give the steamed Mui Choy with Pork Belly slices, their famous homemade beancurd and the stir fry bean sprouts.


Take note that the restaurant’s open during lunch period and closes around 3.30 for a short 2-hour break and resumes back their business around 5.30pm for dinner. Also, do take note that due to its popular curry fish head dish, it will swarmed by many customers especially during the peak hours of lunch and dinner period so do come slightly earlier than the peak and you will be guranteed a seat. 

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