Jaihind Restaurant located in the heart of Klang is a place you would not miss, especially if you are a person that enjoys devouring food that is filled with a burst of flavours.

Restoran Jaihind, simply means Hail India! It was established in 1946 located at the same venue for the past 71 years which, is now being run successfully by the fourth generation.

They are maintaining and preserving the same flavours that have been passed down from generations to generations.

Jaihind is determined and optimized on providing the best, appetizing and authentic Indian cuisines that tastes just like how it would have tasted decades back.

They serve an array of mouthwatering dishes that represents authentic Indian cuisine which will unquestionably put a smile on foodies’ face even before digging in. 

This eatery provides various options for vegetarian and non-vegetarian eaters to indulge in. Name what you want, be it meat, vegetables, seafood, curries, condiments or Indian traditional desserts like Laddo, Jelebi, as well as Halwa and they will get those exquisite dishes right in front of you to enjoy.

However, Jaihind Restaurant is well known for Rawa Thosai, Rawa Idli and yet again the most appetizing and satisfying, Banana Leaf Rice.

Rawa Thosai, a typical South Indian crepe that can be found almost everywhere. But wait, Jaihind Restaurant does it better here as they serve a tender Rawa Thosai which is a little crispy as well and goes well with tomato and onion chutney (type of sauces to be dipped).

According to the restaurant owner, the cook has been preparing Rawa Thosai for the past 25 years, where skills were adapted from the previous cook whom had 20 years of experience.

Another specialty of Jaihind Restaurant will be their super-moist and delicious Rawa Idli that goes well with Venthayam Kulambhu (a thick fenugreek gravy). This is a bright yellow coloured Idli topped with freshly grated carrots that looks extremely inviting and you definitely cannot prevent yourself from gobbling it up.

Banana leaf rice is another in-house specialty that have to be tried by every foodie and for those who have not tried it yet, should totally try eating banana leaf rice at least once in their lifetime because it is a feast on a simple banana leaf that no one can miss.

This eatery serves three types of vegetables as well as Raita (a mixture of yogurt, cucumber and carrots) topped with crunchy Appalam. But wait, the list doesn’t just stop there because, they offer various selection of meat, seafood and few other dishes that will tempt you more.

Authentic Indian food lovers know for sure that a delectable Stringhopper goes well with Sodhi (a gravy based on coconut milk), unfortunately it cannot be found in most eatery nowadays.

Plus, Jaihind Restaurant serves stringhoppers with rich Sodhi gravy while its hot. How can you miss this place?