Many mamak restaurants are often found at the corner lots or occupying at least 2 shophouses within any housing area to cater for the number of expected customers. Restoran I.V. is no exception as it is found at Jalan Pandamaran Jaya 62. With the additional name of ‘Roti Canai Pandamaran’ right below its main signage, you can be very sure the ones that have come across the place will be obligated to try their roti canai.


With what words can only describe as amazing, the roti canai here is fried to a perfect brownish yellow with no hint of a burnt batter nor any oily substance. The brownish parts indicate the crispiness that has yet to be tasted and the whole serving has a light and fluffy texture that melts on your palate as soon as you consume it. Other variations of roti include Roti Telur, Roti Bom, Roti Bawang, Chapati and Thosai. Accompanied with a bowl of dhal curry, rest assured your daily dosage of roti has been accounted for in just one shop.

Besides the amount of available fried batter, you might notice a number of wrapped bundles on the table. These, are in fact their ‘Nasi Lemak’ for a more filling meal. It might be an adorable portion but it is to be eaten together with your roti. There is the serving of fragrant coconut rice together with anchovies and also half of a hard-boiled egg with a splash of sambal.

Meals at a mamak stall but always go with the typical glass of lip-smacking foamy ‘Teh Tarik’. The glass here cannot be missed because the level of sweetness is just about right and is suitable for every patron without needing to worry that you will get diabetes in the process.