Located amidst the shop-lots in The Strand of Kota Damansara, lies a humble little Korean restaurant that brings really big flavours to the dining table. Despite being nondescript in terms of its outlook, Restoran Bulgogi BBQ House compensates for its lack of aesthetics with more-than-adequate authentic Korean cuisine.

Operated by a couple of Korean heritage, the dishes -the meats, in particular; are fresh off the market-place, highlighting the Korean culture when it comes to eating: simple, fresh and above all, healthy eating. 

In general, this Korean BBQ joint emphasizes mainly on serving pork as its main dish upon the grill, with a selection ranging from pork belly to pork chops, pork rinds and pork innards, accompanied by an assortment of Korean side dishes. But rest assured that they do serve beef and poultry as well, when it comes to the grill. 

But by off chance if patrons do not wish to partake in grilling of meats, this humble Korean joint with a big gastronomical heart have something else for you. It's never a Korean food joint if they do not serve kimchi and here in Bulgogi BBQ House, they do not disappoint. Kimchi jiggae (Vermicelli noodles with kimchi broth), dakgalbi (stir-fried marinated diced chicken with vegetables), and ddeokbokki (Korean rice-cakes in kimchi stew) are just the few kimchi dishes out of the many that they serve.

Operating Hour

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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