Restoran Annie 1 Kopitiam Petaling Jaya

With its name sounding like ‘anyone’, this shop is basically anyone’s affordable eatery to visit. This place is one of the main sources for the best Menglembu Wantan Mee accompanied by the famous ‘Ipoh White Coffee’ but situated right in the busy area of Klang Valley.

Suspecting the owner used to be a resident in the heart of Ipoh, the noodles served can pretty much be compared to the authentic one back in Menglembu. It might look like the regular wantan noodles commonly served in most Chinese restaurants, but the taste sets it apart from all of them. The dried version of the dish has the right springy-thickness of noodles which are easily taken apart to be consumed with the correct amount of black sauce; coating the noodles instead of drowning it. Have a choice of how it is served where you are able to add on braised chicken feet, Char Siew, stew pork spare ribs, braised pork trotter and other sides.

Not forgetting the ‘Ipoh White Coffee’, both hot and iced versions are carefully made to still maintain the richness and aroma; served with a foamy texture nicely set above the coffee itself.

Do take some time to cleanse your pallet with their homemade tong sui. Claimed to be the best, order the Red Bean with Glutinous Rice Tong Sui! The texture is not as watery compared to most places but it has a perfect blend of red beans paired with the sweetness of the ‘tong sui’ which leaves a silky sensation that lingers in your mouth later on.

If you’re checking out good breakfast spots to go to in Damansara and with a range of other dishes like Chee Cheong Fun and Curry Noodles, this is the place. Nevertheless, do expect early birds during the weekends.

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Saturday, Sunday
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

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