Occasionally, life demands a break from work and during those times, it is only worth it to treat yourself to great traditional Indian cuisine, or South Indian to be more specific. Banana leaf rice lives deep with the roots of the South Indian community with its iconic presentation of the presence of an actual banana leaf with rice and some vegetable and curry choices above. Not only it is a tradition of Indian culture, but also in recent years, it has become a favourite among many Malaysians.

Located amidst Kota Damansara and not too far away from the iconic Sunway Giza mall, this restaurant is what many may classify as a typical Indian restaurant. However, do not get the wrong idea as the place can get really busy, especially during peak times, so it is recommended to plan ahead before paying a visit here and do avoid peak hours if possible. Inside, one can expect a simple yet cosy ambience and clean, modern décor.  The same can be said on the outside with their bright yellow logo, proudly displayed high and large enough for many to see while passing by.  

There are many food choices here to choose from. Do try out their banana leaf rice which is best enjoyed with some fried squid. Also, their nasi lemak is one not to be missed out. Roti canai with onions, green chillies and eggs along with their tosai should be given a go as well.