Ramen Bari-Uma Petaling Jaya

Ramen has been a favoured dish amongst all who would love a not-so-filling meal or just a treat. At Bari-Uma, the mechanics behind their dish to be so significant is their thick and saturated broth together with homemade ramen noodles and their renowned thick-cut and marinated chashu. It is known to all that the broth is boiled for 6 hours with ingredients such as pork knuckles, chicken bones and potherbs.

Bari-Uma’s signature dish is represented as per their restaurant name and is a pork-flavoured shoyu soup with the perfectly grilled chashu. The dish that is literally the most-ordered due to the large pieces of seaweed for its presentation, is the Nori-Uma. You can choose to add a soy marinated soft boiled egg in every bowl, which will then be renamed Ajitama-Uma and Noritama-Uma respectively. 

For those who would love a tinge of spice, there is the ramen with a spicy based soup named Kara-Uma and another version with a double portions of chashu called Chashu-Uma. All noodles can be served either firm, original or the soft type. But if you never specify, all will be served in original form.

Besides the ramen, they have rice dishes as well like the Ishiyaki-Chaofan Chashu. This is fried rice topped with barbecued pork and then garnished with spring onions. The Japanese rice has a sticky texture after being cooked in a black portable wok and the whole combination has a great aroma to it.

Choose to accompany your ramen with available sides like an additional plate of chashu or some pork belly and grilled chicken all placed neatly on a few skewers. This is called the Yakitori-Tori combo. There are a few choices of dumplings with different cooking styles and that can be found under the Gyoza section.

There are dinner sets available if you are feeling slightly ambitious. Nevertheless, you will never be disappointed with the combinations.