Puchong Mess Banana Leaf Rice Puchong

The Puchong Mess Banana Leaf Rice is not as well-recognised like any of its competitors. For starters, it is located in a very secluded part of town and there is barely any direction or indication where the restaurant actually is. But once you find it, though, get ready for a special treat for yourself because it is one banana leaf rice you will definitely be coming back to.

Once you get to the best part of lunch, the arrival of your food, be ready to be wowed by the contents of which the banana leaf is plated with. White rice with veggies and even a small dish with some mutton is presented towards you with appetizing delight. Best part is, you can have all these for under ten ringgit. The prices are so low that they are actually criminal.

Even better yet, the curries that are made in-house are all cooked by chefs who actually hail from India. Which makes the dish very faithful from home, as they are made with ingredients that are imported straight from their country. The owner even goes as far as to make sure the crew likes the food before being served to the masses.

But wait, we're not done yet. The curries made are also very unusual from all the other banana leaf restaurants, their names ranging from raw banana to banana flower cooked with coconut milk. And once you finished torturing yourself with the sheer spiciness of the curries, do yourself a favor and douse the flames with their signature Masala Tea.

Operating Hour

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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