Projek Dapur Umar @ Sceni Co-working & Events Petaling Jaya

Nestled on top of a golf equipment shop in SS7/16 is an event space with a hidden culinary gem. Here at Sceni is where Projek Dapur Umar is: an experimental kitchen serving fusion dishes with an Asian-flavoured twist.  "We're not a cafe" was what the chef said, as he's been doing many things to get by. Insisting that they're "a coworking space with a pantry", they serve their patrons with coffee, kombucha and "whatever's in the fridge" for a homely meal. Of course, custom orders are great: just give them 2-3 days to prep things for you.

We first tried their Ulam Pesto Sandwich. It's nicely-toasted till crunchy-goodness and served with caramelised onions. The pesto was made using hand-picked ulam, depending on what's available, and mixed with some tuna: a nice and simple appetiser.

Next comes their infamous hit: the Durian Butter Chicken Rice! To those wondering: no, it's not tempoyak. Instead, they come up with a fruit butter using durian for a milder durian taste. A simple serving of fluffy white rice and crispy chicken popcorns, topped with the durian butter gravy and bawang goreng, it's definitely an acquired taste but truly a recipe worth trying. 

After rice comes meat as we sample an experimental batch of their sous-vide buffalo briskets! Precooked for two days, the meat was pretty tender but still holds shape, while its flavour was somewhat nostalgic but mysterious as they refused to reveal the ingredients they used for the marinade (we tasted soy sauce with a tinge of spiciness so perhaps they're going for sambal-kicap inspired).

Lastly, we had some chocolate brownies. Two cuts of them, to be exact: both were garnished with dry fruits and nuts, and one of them was topped with cheese. The chocolate was rich and they were both sweet and moist. Paired with their long black and Gula Melaka-latte, it was a bittersweet ending to a sweet little trip.

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