You can definitely find Ooi Noodle House if you google about best pork noodle in Subang Jaya. Ooi Noodle House are generous in serving their ingredients. Pork noodle will be filled up with a lot of pig parts such as innards, intestines, livers and minced meat.

The owner cooks the noodle bowl by bowl instead of cooking everything together. This is their secret recipe to remain as one of the popular place that serves pork noodle in SS15. Although the waiting time is long, it is really worth to wait. You will forget your stress once you have a sip of their soup.

Just bring something with you to distract while waiting for your pork noodle. You can also relax your mind while seating on the cozy chair. The price range of the dishes in Ooi Noodle House is quite cheap. One small bowl of pork noodle is RM8 and one big bowl of pork noodle is RM9.