I dare say that fried chicken is everyone’s favourite food. I mean, how can it not? It is a greasy, crispy, juicy and tasty dish that cannot go wrong. Situated at Bandar Sunway, a restaurant called Nomms is approaching fried chicken with a unique Malaysian twist.

Nomms has been running about 1 year ago currently has two outlets, however the one we went to was the Bandar Sunway Outlet. This two-storey outlet is much more spacious than the one at SS15 and its interior is extremely refreshing to look at due to their white and green theme. Other than the colour theme of the restaurant, the walls were adorned with hilarious parodies of famous paintings, this place definitely gave us very invigorating feel.

First floor of Nomms

Second floor of Nomms

The manager who was present that day was really friendly and generous to serve us all of Nomm’s signature dishes -Fried chicken with chicken fragrant rice and lime drink (RM13.50), grilled chicken chop (RM10.50), Rendang wrap (RM18.50), Rendang burger (RM20.50) along with their cheese sauce and signature Nomms sauce.

Apart from the fresh-looking aesthetics of the restaurant, Nomms also serve fresh chicken instead of frozen chicken which is why their chicken was really tender even though the skin was fried to the perfect level of crispiness. When it comes to the flavour, the original one has hardly any taste but the sweet and spicy Nomms sauce was there to save the day, however the spicy and spicy garlic fried chicken definitely packs a punch with its spiciness. Their fragrant chicken rice smelt really good but the rice was abit hard for us, while the grill chicken chop was very juicy and cooked to perfection the Rendang burger and Rendang wrap definitely stole the show. Nomm’s Rendang Burger and Rendang wrap was our personal favourite as the chicken was so meaty, flavourful and spicy from being marinated in the Rendang. 

Fried chicken in spicy (left), flavour of the month (middle) and original (right).

Grilled Chicken Chop

Rendang Burger

Rendang Wrap