Nasi Kandar Bestari (PJ) Petaling Jaya

Nasi Kandar joint is never short on its list. This famous dish that originates from Penang is loved by many and Nasi Kandar restaurants have been sprouting outside of Penang for years already. Among the many, Nasi Kandar Bestari has made its name famous among KL-rians with their two outlets situated in Mont Kiara and another one in Petaling Jaya. More than a decade it has open ended its business, Nasi Kandar Bestari is alike of any other nasi kandar joints with Indian-Muslim dishes as part of its offering. However what make Nasi Kandar Bestari stands out the most is its house specialties such as its prize-winner Indomee Burger noodle dish that is of perfectly pan-fried Indomee with bits and chunks of burger meat inside it. Taking the first bite or two would definitely put you at the edge of your seat especially if it is paired with one runny yolk of sunny side up.

Aside from their famous Indomee Burger noodle, Nasi Kandar Bestari’s line of naan is no less delectable ith ranging to choose from. But of course, Bestari is synonymous to its Nasi Kandar galore alike of at Kayu or even Line Clear in Penang with extensive type of gravies to bathe your rice with such as the kurma curry or beef kicap that are beyond delectable that is simply cannot be missed. Bestari is already famous for its delicious food but also a great place to frequent with friends as well for a hangout session. It is a no wonder that this place is seemed to be packed most of the time especially late at night with people of different walk of life. 

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